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If you’re having a hard time keeping your head above the water every time it comes to writing texts, you might just be ready for an easier way out. Oftentimes, it pays to order copywriting services and ease the pain of grinding, time-consuming work that makes your job less enjoyable.

Once you’re all set to entrust someone to write unique text content, you may find yourself wondering: how can I really be sure I’m going to get a concise roundup just as I need it?

Not to worry – here’s an easy way to ensure that the quality of the text lives up to your expectations. Just take 10 minutes of your time and trot out a list of requirements that’ll help authors follow your guidelines accurately.

5 requirements you should tell your author to get a brilliant text

Deadline. A super simple hack to make a full use of copywriting services and get your order written in time is to set a deadline. Time wise, make sure you’re crystal clear about when you need the task to be done and say good-bye to the last minute work.

Topic. Clearly formulate the topic, research question and objective so the writer does understand the subject. Make sure to follow up with him / her to clarify on any questions.

Pre-defined structure, if required. Typically, any article or essay consists of introduction, body and conclusion. Any writer is already familiar with proper structuring so you need not bother yourself with this. What you need to specify when ordering text in a copywriting agency, however, is any particular chunks of information that should be mentioned in your essay. They will vary depending on the topic, but if there are any specific methods, practices, case studies, or facts that should be included, make sure to specify them in detail, down to the order in which they should appear. This way your essay will follow your objectives and the writer will run no risk of misinterpreting writing guidelines.

Number of sources
the writer should credit as this is an important proof of quality of your research.

Any particular requirements like endnotes, footnotes, in-text citations, bibliography, references list that the author should know about.

That’s it – simple as ABC
That seems pretty easy, right? Taking a small effort to explain your guidelines helps a copywriting agency easily follow your guidelines and produce excellent work while you can concentrate on more troublesome tasks.

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