Business Idea

Where to get money? What do I need? What is a payback period? How much money do I need? How large the income should be?

1. Initial capital

Items to buy Cost Period of operation, years Salvage costs


Have a good understanding of finances?

2. Additional start-up costs

Registration of the company

the cost of registration, making a stamp, etc.

Raw materials

the cost of goods, spare parts, raw materials, forage (stocks)


in cash or on a bank account

Repair of the buildings

preliminary costs

Initial capital is

Except of the initial capital costs, you also need to predict fixed costs

3. Planning of the running costs

Labor costs

Planned number of employees
Planned salary per month, per month

Commercial costs

General occupancy expenses, per year
Advertising costs, per year
Telecommunications expenses, per year
Delivery and warranty costs, per year
Accounting services costs, per year

Utility charges

Electricity, per year
Natural gas, per year
Central heating, per year
Water supply, per year
Other utility charges, per year
Total amount for utility charges, per year

Cost of materials

Specify the materials-output ratio, %
Material rate - percent of material costs on the value of output. For example, material rate for consulting services is - 5%, for trading - 80%, for manufacturing - over 60%.

5 year plan

Fixed costs amount to






4. Where to get money?

Personal money
Apply for a credit

Average daily revenue should be at least
Your annual income must be at least

Is it attainable?
Is it unattainable?